It was all a Dream...

by Vernon Forbes | June 17, 2014


Thank you for stopping by (and hopefully shopping on) the newly redesigned Players Preferred website. My name is Vernon "Veezie" Forbes, I am both the creator & designer of a brand that  I am confident in time will mature into one of the hottest street wear companies EVER. I launched Players Preferred Apparel & Accessories back in 2012, with the vision of blending classic style with a rich influence of cool, edgy street awareness.

   In the planning stage of Players Preferred, I thought a lot about different designers, their brands, and the lasting impressions they'd made on our hearts, minds, & closets. I closely considered the fact that every brand & designer I could think of evoked a different emotion. A good example of this is, the fact  that I am still coveting some of those knock off Gucci & Louie Vuitton custom outfits that Harlem's Dapper Dan would design for rappers back in the 80's. On the other hand, I felt just the opposite emotion when thinking of the emergence of skinny jeans within the last few years, after Karl Kani had worked so hard changing the cut of men's jeans (it's just disrespectful).

  I was very inspired by Daymond John of FUBU (one of the brands that wrote the playbook on street wear...literally) and how those guys always seemed to have their finger on the pulse of what young urban America wanted. I also had to admire the longevity and staying power of Ralph Lauren (probably my biggest influence of all) and also the flare for self promotion & adaptability of Mark Ecko.

    Although I could easily find inspiration in each one of these iconic designers story, I was positive that the path I charted must be my own. I knew one thing for certain about myself coming into this business, I've never been a follower and I surely wasn't going to start now. If I was going to do it, then I had to commit with would be all in or nothing at all. Why venture into anything if your intention is not to compete for the crown?  I told myself very early on, this will NOT be a "follow whatever the current trend is" type of brand. We absolutely will not  follow trends, but we have no problem starting them. On day one of Players Preferred I made this statement "You may sense my influences from time to time (that can't be helped) but the voice you'll hear coming from this brand will always be my own".  





"We are prepared to give all that we have and will not stop, until we've received everything we deserve."

 The Players Preferred Mantra

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