About Us

I launched Players Preferred Apparel & Accessories in 2012, it's an Atlanta-based luxury street wear brand. It was born out of both my love for creativity and a lifelong fascination with Hip Hop. Our specialties are rich designs and bold statements. Our style is a blend of classic American, infused with bright colors and a keen sense of street savvy. My aim with this company is to establish ourselves in the street wear industry without limiting our potential to compete on a high fashion plane. I have taken a lot of time to study many brands & designers, and it's my belief that the death of a brand begins at the very moment a designer is unwilling to evolve. Street wear is only the beginning, as I often say "We're the little brand with big high fashion ambitions". I am determined to make Players Preferred the first internationally recognized design house in Atlanta, GA. With a lot of hard work in front of me, my ultimate goal for Players Preferred is having it seated right next the most respected clothing brands in the world.


Players Preferred is a celebration of all the success that the culture has had and the luxurious lifestyle it has afforded the new Hip Hop America. The brand honors the “Go Getters”, those that have allowed their hard work and persistence to lead them to the doorway of their dreams. "The determined", who have honed their talents, never taken “No” for an answer, and made it their life’s mission to make something out of nothing. We stand united with anyone who gives up their guaranteed seat on the sideline for a remote chance at becoming a “Player”.

Vernon "Veezie" Forbes